AED Program

The following are several aspects to implementing and sustaining an effective AED Program.

Should you have any questions or need any further assistance regarding your AED Program, please contact us.

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[toggle title=’Establish an AED Coordinator’ close=’false’]
The person designated to conduct duties associated with the AED Program and serves as the point of contact for the program.

[toggle title=’AED (s) Selection’ close=’true’]
All AED models have unique features. We would be happy to talk or meet with you regarding questions and discussions about the specifics of each model and AED programs.

[toggle title=’CPR/AED Certification Training’ close=’true’]

Designated employees and representatives who are expected to provide emergency care to a patient of SCA or other medical emergency should be trained in CPR/AED use and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Please contact HeartAED for further information.


[toggle title=’Medical Authorization & Physician Oversight’ close=’true’]
The FDA requires most AEDs to be authorized by a licensed physician.

The American Heart Association (AHA) also recommends that a physician be involved in overseeing an AED Program.

Please contact us to discuss our approach to these important aspects.

[toggle title=’Determine AED(s) Location(s)’ close=’true’]
Quick response time, large gathering locations, high-risk activities and historical incidences should be considered in determining AED location. We can assist you in determining the best locations for your facilities.

[toggle title=’Implement Program Policies, Procedures and Communications’ close=’true’]
The AED Program should conform to the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association and the Food and Drug Administration. In conjunction with the placement of an AED, policies and procedures should implemented, documented and communicated AED Policies and Procedures to all personnel. Including this information in your various security and emergency response procedures will assist your staff in better understanding the protocols and expectations if a medical emergency should arise.

[toggle title=’AED Maintenance’ close=’true’]
Refer to the AED user manual for complete maintenance responsibilities. We can assist you in developing this routine and related schedules.

[toggle title=’CPR/AED Practice Drill’ close=’true’]
Emergency response drills shall be observed carefully and notes should be taken. Following each drill, a “debriefing” will occur to analyze and discuss recommendations and/or improvements. Please refer to or simply contact us to discuss details.